Bearon Aquatics: Shallow water stand, use with ice eater or weeds away circulator
Bearon Aquatics shallow water stand with weed away muck blaster.
Bearon Aquatics shallow water stand with Ice Eater dock deicer

Bearon Aquatics: Ice Eater Shallow Water Stand | Free Standing Support for Ice Eater & Weeds Away Circulators

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The Shallow Water Stand is robust yet portable.  This stand-alone solution for deicing, weed control, waterfowl decoy movement, & surface aeration. This stand is compatible with Ice Eater and Weeds Away!


Ideal for challenging locations:

  • Water depth as little as 18”,
  • Areas with no docks or pilings to use as tie offs
  • Stand is fully adjustable
  • Manufactured by Bearon Manufacturing, LLC with powder - coated steel components
  • Easy to assemble and install; year - round application
  • 2’ vertical travel; perfect for shallow water applications
  • Shallow Water Stand: Part Number 75015
  • Compatible with Ice Eater: P750 & P1000; Weeds Away: W750, WS750, W1000, & WS1000

Use during winter months for protecting shoreline from ice damage, wildlife openings, or for waterfowl hunting. 

Use Weeds Away in the summer months to control aquatic weeds/muck, create current to prevent stagnation, or use it as an aerator to create a healthier, oxygen 
- rich environment.


100% compatible with Bearon's Ice Eater deicer and Weeds Away circulator.




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