Pond Aerators and Aeration Systems

The single best tool for managing surface waters is aeration. Whether you have a backyard koi pond or a 25-acre lake, delivering oxygen into the water column is THE BEST way to:

  • Improve water quality
  • Raise bigger, healthier fish
  • Reduce nuisance algae blooms
  • Decrease organic soft sediment (muck)
  • Promote a more diverse ecosystem which benefits the entire waterbody

We provide two methods for aeration here at Midwestponds.com, Fountains and diffused aerators.

Fountain Aeration:

Turning in air (oxygen) with fountain agitation has been the staple of fish hatcheries and municipal water treatment facilities for decades. If you want a high rate of oxygen transfer along with a beautiful display with lighting packages that further enhance your waterbody, fountains are the way to go.  These units are simple to install and have minimal maintenance needs.  You will see instant results with fountain aeration as the current created will force floating debris to the sides of the pond along with more long-term benefits like reduced algae growth.

Diffused Aeration:

For deeper waterbodies (6ft or greater) that need to mix the entire water column, and for the degradation of organic soft sediment, a diffused system is the way to go.  These systems are composed of an air compressor that sits on shore (in a cabinet or building) with air lines leading to diffusers that rest on the bottom of the pond. 

The air pumped to these diffusers rises through the water column infusing oxygen into the water and collecting noxious gases to be released to the atmosphere once they float to the surface.  This rising column of billions of bubbles also creates a mixing action for the entire pond.  Pulling nutrient rich water to the surface where the ecosystem can better cycle those nutrients into the food-chain or release them to the atmosphere as gas. 

Both aeration strategies will benefit your waterbody, and fountains, and diffused systems are the answer for water quality issues and old silted-in ponds.  Please contact us anytime with questions (833-799-2837), or continue to read articles in our reference section for more info on these systems.

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