De-icers is a complete resource for your Pond Deicer needs. Whether you are looking for a dock bubbler deicer or a water circulator style system, carries the best dock deicer brands in America. Made in the USA, Kasco de icer, Scott Aerator De-Icer, US Solar mounts, and Keaton Industries are the best marina de-icer systems available anywhere. Ice Eaters are available in a range of horse powers, voltage options, and cord lengths. We also carry all of the accessories that you might need like Kasco Mounts, Scott Aerator Oscillators and Kasco Thermostat and Timers.

If you need assistance in selecting which system is the best Pond Deicer for your needs feel free to give us a call or reference our articles written by our senior biologists that talk in depth about the differences between pond aerators for outdoor ponds, an ice eater, and a pond bubbler systems.