32 Weight Turbine Oil for Shinmaywa Pumps


Available in 12oz. containers for Shinmaywa pumps.

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32 weight turbine oil available in 12oz. containers for Shinmaywa pumps. When changing pump oil first pour out the oil into a clear container. If the oil is still clear and the amount poured out is still close to the oil level for that pump, pour it back in and and reuse to continue to run the pump. However, if the oil is a darker color and is down several ounces, then it should be completely changed out. Also, if the oil has a cloudy look to it, this means that the mechanical seal is starting to fail and water is getting into the oil.

Oil levels should be checked every other year, just as general maintenance on the pump. It is vital that you do not overfill the pump as that could cause damage. Packaging may vary from photograph.

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Weight3 lbs
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