Anjon Manufacturing LL-45K Life Line Aeration Kit 2.2CFM for up to 5,000 Gallon Koi Ponds with 25' Airline and Two 8" Diffusers


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LifeLine Bottom Diffused Aeration System LL-45K

For Ponds to 5,000 Gallons And Pond Depths To 15 Feet


  • High efficiency linear air compressor, 2.2CFM
  • (2) – 8″ round weighted air diffuser
  • 25′ – 3/8″ weighted tubing
  • Necessary fittings and hardware


  • Increases oxygen levels for healthy and happy fish
  • Promotes growth of algae controlling beneficial bacteria
  • Lowers levels of dissolved toxic gasses and ammonia
  • Reduces sludge build up on the pond bottom
  • Helps maintain an open water hole in the ice during winter


LL Series Pump Specifications

Rated Performance (cfm).
Max Depth (ft)121519201719
Discharge Outlet5/8″5/8″5/8″5/8″5/8″1″
Noise Level (dB)323538384042
Dimensions (lwh)9 x 7 x 78 x 7 x 98 x 7 x 98 x 8 x 710 x 8 x 1010 x 8 x 10
Weight (lbs)10.211.913.813.819.619.6
Cord Length666666


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