Anjon Mfg Set of 3 - Faux Rock LED White Lights with Transformer for Garden and Ponds


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Anjon Manufacturing features the extremely popular White LED Rock Light Kit featuring 3 faux rock lights that use an extremely bright 1.5 watt white LED bulb encased in a faux rock enclosure that is beautiful, waterproof and blends in seamlessly with your water feature.  These lights can be used in a “dry” operation where there is no water around, they can be used in a “wet” location where water may be splashing on the lights or they can be used completely submerged. The kit contains 3 faux rock lights, all necessary wiring and a transformer to power the lights.  The transformer features a 20 foot power cord that connects to a standard 110 volt household 3 prong electrical plug.  Add some beautiful lighting to your pond or water feature today!

  • Set includes 3 rock lights with 20′ cord, 3 way power splitter, 20 watt transformer
  • MR 11 LED bulb in an easy-to-service watertight housing
  • Completely submersible; use in and around your water feature
  • Natural looking rock housing makes this light easy to hide in landscaping, ponds, streams or waterfalls
  • Use multiple lights inside your pond and around your waterfall for a dramatic lighting effect

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