US Solar Mounts DB36 High Efficiency Aeration Diffuser


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Easy assembly in only a few minutes.

NO Membrane- NO Backpressure!

  • The High-Efficiency Diffusers from U.S. Solar Mounts are a step above the rest.
      • Utilizing extruded EPDM Fine-Bubble tubing instead of industry-standard rubber membranes.


  • Fine bubble tubing emits smaller and more bubbles per CFM than rubber membrane diffusers.
      • This creates more lift and diffusion potential throughout the entire water column.


  • Rugged design provides years of reliable use.
      • Stainless steel base will not corrode or wear out as plastic diffuses do.

Compatible with Any Aeration Compressor over 1-CFM.

Each diffuser is ruggedly constructed using high-quality, American-Made components. The DB36-B is a bolt-together package and is constructed of laser-cut stainless steel, making installation quick & easy. Features like a built in handle, dual-size hose strain relief clamp, make the DB36-B a truly premium design.

Compatible with 3/8″ or 1/2″ ID Hose.

Ships with a 3/8″ Hose Barb installed – Simply change the barb fitting for 1/2″ ID Hose.

The DB-36 Diffuser comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!*

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