Scott Aerator Aquasweep Dock Mount and Oscillator Combo



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Combo Kit Includes both Aquasweep and Oscillator Unit!

The Dock Mount Aquasweep can keep your waterfront, dock area or canal clean from algae, trash and decaying debris on the surface, and also forcefully blast muck, silt, and decaying matter off the bottom of your lake or pond. Dramatically improve water quality while safely removing sediment buildup and floating algae without chemicals! The optional digitally programable Oscillator changes the standard one position unit to a multiple positional water mover- bringing the benefits of added water current sweeping in either a continuous motion or pausing over a set duration of minutes in increments of 20-300 degrees.

Scott Aerator Aquasweep Dock Mount and Oscillator Combo includes both the Aquasweep and Oscillator Unit!

If you need only the Aquasweep or just the Oscillator click here.

Dramatically improve water and waterfront quality by removing floating algae, debris, leaves and safely remove bottom sediment buildup without harmful chemicals. Aquasweep forcefully blasts muck, silt, and decaying leaves off the bottom with high-velocity water propulsion. Pushes bottom debris 50 feet or more away from your swimming area and boat lifts as it keeps your waterfront, dock area or canal clean from algae, trash and decaying debris on the surface . The Aquasweep is designed for use in fresh or salt water.

The Aquasweep fully adjusts in any direction, making it the ideal solution for eliminating decaying bottom muck and floating surface algae. Comes complete with a stainless steel mounting plate designed for many different dock styles, or a dock post mounting bracket designed to attach to a pole, post or pilings along with a stainless steel yoke assembly that reaches a depth of 7 feet.

The 50-125 foot long 12-gauge, submersible power cable is made with a rugged, marine-grade, water-resistant plug.

Come in two electrical models 115 volt or 230 volt and horsepower choices from 1/3 to 1hp. The 115 volt model runs on standard 110-volt power, so no special wiring or electrician is needed. The Aquasweep runs at 3450 rpm of power from an American-made, fully submersible Franklin electric motor.


  1. The Aquasweep is oil-free and environmentally safe.
        • Competitive models require oil which needs to be changed frequently. Oil-filled motors can also cause disastrous oil leaks.
        • Competitive Oil-filled models also tend to run slower in cold water.
  2. Aquasweep is engineered for all water temperatures.
  3. Unconditional, 5-year motor warranty.
  4. The Aquasweep runs at 3450 rpms and has a 48 lb. thrust rating.
        • Aquasweep moves 400 gallons per minute compared to competitors 180 gallons per minute.
        • Competitive models, even when utilizing a 1-hp motor, run under 2000 rpms.The
  5. Aquasweep is designed to control where the debris is delivered
        • Competitive models can scatters debris in every direction, much like an outboard motor.
  6. The water intake shield on the Aquasweep keeps debris out
  7. The automatic thermal overload shut down the motor preventing motor damage in case water flow is restricted.
  8. Manufactured with American-made stainless steel.
        • Competitive models utilize galvanized metal and aluminum.
  9. The Aquasweep comes standard with an unconditional, 5-year motor warranty.
        • Competitors offer a 2-year, limited warranty.
  10. The Aquasweep has been proven to blast muck, silt, and debris for more than 20 years.
        • Most competitors have only been in the market for 5 years.

The oscillator attachment can be purchased now with this combo unit or added later to your Aquasweep. To purchase the aquasweep or oscillator separately select the link below.

Scott Aerator Aquasweep Muck Blaster/Water Mover Dock Mount + Optional Oscillator

Scott Aerator Floating Aquasweep

Oscillator description

Our fully programmable oscillator attachment is a great time-saving option for our dock-mounted Aquasweep or De-icer. We pre-program the Oscillator to rotate your dock-mounted unit in 20-degree increments every 20 minutes. You set it for any radius you want, up to a full circle. The speed and the degree of motion can easily be adjusted to your requirements. The Oscillator will help keep larger areas free from ice when used with the Dock Mount De-Icer, and will assist in moving more bottom debris when used with the Aquasweep. The Oscillator can be added to in-place Aquasweep and De-Icer models. Comes with a two-year warranty. Requires 110-volt power.

The oscillator attachment can be purchased now with this combo unit or added later to your Aquasweep.

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