Ice Eater Deicer Pond Bubbler | 3/4HP 115V



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Whether you need to prevent ice from forming around your boat, dock, marina or pier or you need to melt existing ice, Bearon Aquatic’s Ice Eater is here to solve your problems. The design of the Ice Eater’s Venturi shroud (housing) with outward flared ends and custom designed propellers provide more upward thrust and draws warmer water from greater depths than other conventional de-icers. This breaks the surface of the ice with a continuous current of warmer subsurface water. While other de-icers require additional hardware for obtaining the right de-icing pattern or for mounting, Ice Eater is shipped complete, ready to serve your need with mooring lines included. Just take it out of the box, hang it from your boat or pier, plug it in and watch it work!

Ice Eater Sizing Chart
HorsepowerDiameter of Area Kept Ice-Free
1/4hp20-25 feet
1/2hp40 feet
3/4hp60 feet
1hp80 feet
  • BEST IN MARKET – Ice Eater agitates more fresh & salt water than any other de-icer on the market. Every unit ships designed with 5 ready De-Icing patterns and a 3 Year Warranty
  • EFFECTIVE – Prevents ice formation and melts existing ice keeping your property protected, whether it is a boat, dock, marina, or piers
  • MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY – Custom designed and engineered for maximum efficiency & performance in all climates. Patented PVC Venturi housing designed for superior water flow & motor/propeller protection
  • Bronze endbell for long life – No warping or cracking! Quick Disconnect power cord, for easy replacement. Environmentally friendly dielectric lubricating fluid, non-toxic and biodegradable
  • 3/4HP De-Icer suitable for pond, lake, ocean/marine use – Moves 1275 GPM, for an effective working diameter of 60 feet – 115V configuration
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