J Series Complete Fountain Kit

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Provides you with the options, aesthetics, performance, and reliability you want as a pond owner!


Kasco Marine J Series Decorative Fountains provide you with the options, aesthetics, performance, and reliability you want as a pond owner! These units range from 3/4HP- 7.5HP, so its easy to find the fountain that best suits your pond and your aesthetic.

Each unit comes with multiple patterns making them perfect for any size/shape pond.

Add White or RGB color changing light kits to your fountains for added effect and nighttime enjoyment.


Please see below for the attributes of each fountain option.

The Flag Ship of the Kasco Marine Decorative fountain line-up is the “J” Series Fountain.  Available in a wide range of Horse Power and Available in both 220V and 120V power there is a J series to fit all applications.  The J series come standard with 5 pattern options: Madrone, Magnolia, Mahogany, Palm and Redwood.  There are also four premium pattern nozzle available for purchase separately. Kasco Fountains are built to last with corrosion resistant stainless steel components and clog resistant pump housings.  With the flexibility of pattern, the ability to add many lighting options and long lasting reliability, there really is few choices that fit the needs of pond fountain enthusiasts like the J Series by Kasco Marine.

Kasco J Series Fountains do more than just beautify your pond.  The added circulation and abundant water movement these fountains provide, turns in oxygen and enhances the ecosystem of the waterbody it’s placed in. Create a healthy, beautiful pond with Kasco J Series Fountains.


Additional information


2 year warranty on 3/4 and 1HP units
3 year warranty on units larger than 2HP


1HP, 2HP, 3HP, 5HP