Kasco Marine 3/4hp Dock Deicer 115 Volt



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Kasco Marine De-icer/Circulators are the answer to ice damage of docks and piers.  Protect your marina, private dock, lake shore, or keep open a hole to prevent winter fish kill, these units are optimally designed to negate the effects of thick ice.  Use the below chart to determine the right model and mounting strategy to use:

The chart below describes mounting options and the size of the area this unit will keep open under different conditions.


Clearing size may vary greatly based on a number of local conditions.


34 ̊ to 20 ̊ F (-1 to 6.5 ̊ C)

19 ̊ to 0 ̊ F (-7 to -18 ̊ C)

-1 ̊ to -20 ̊ F (-19 to 29 ̊ C)

BELOW -20 ̊ F (-29 ̊ C)










3/4 HP

35 X 120 FT.

85 FT.

30 X 80 FT.

70 FT.

30 X 75 FT.

50 FT.

25 X 50 FT.

45 FT.


These units work exceptionally well during the summer months as circulators/agitators.  Clear floating debris and organic soft sediment with ease using the Kasco Deicer during the warm months the year.  The added current brings oxygen to stagnant areas allowing for aerobic organisms to further degrade nuisance organic muck in slack water areas in lagoons and boat channels. These units will physically move muck/silt away from beach areas and docks, reclaiming your shoreline.

Comes with 2 – 20ft mounting ropes (Universal dock mount, timers/controllers sold separately)

4 – Cord Lengths are available: 25, 50, 100, & 150ft of cable, please select the length of cord you need for your project from the drop-down menu below.