Kasco Marine (2-Pack) Time Release 6 lb Muck Block - Lake & Pond Sludge Silt Muck Odor Remover Eliminator


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2-Pack Muck Block set Macro-Zyme Time Release Muck Block Macro-Zyme Time Release Muck Block is perfect for applications and locations that you just can’t get to every 2 weeks for reapplication. Each Muck Block is packed with high counts of bacteria CFU’s, which will gradually release into the water system to aggressively attack and decompose muck and organic matter. When placed in areas of water current or in feeder streams, the water movement will carry the muck-busting bacteria throughout the pond, making applications and treatments a breeze. Each 6 lbs. block is formulated to slowly release bacteria dosages that will treat up to 2 acre feet of water. It is much more effective when used with water movement, as the current will help dissolve the block and carry the bacteria throughout the pond. The CFU count is as good or better than other bacteria products, which allows it to pack a strong punch in a small package. Each Macro-Zyme Time Release Muck Block is sold individually in a water tight bag, packaged in a user-friendly box. Reapplication is only needed every 30 days, when water temps are above 55 F.