Kasco Marine Macro-Zyme Pond Beneficial Bacteria Muck Puck Treatment – 7lb pail of 266 Pucks, Treats 10 Sq. Ft. Per Puck


Macro-Zyme Muck Pucks are ideal spot treatments around docks and swimming areas to address muck accumulation and water quality issues. The easy-to-use tablets are perfect for the homeowner to use in problem areas. The completely safe, non-toxic formula of beneficial bacteria will aggressively decompose the build-up of organic matter in a way that is not harmful to fish, wildlife, pets, or people. The pucks are approximately the diameter of a quarter and are about 1/2″ tall. Each tablet will treat up to 10 ft.2 of bottom area and each has as much, if not more, CFU’s as other bacteria products on the market. The pulverized barley binder adds micro-nutrients to kick start the bacteria and decomposition processes. Magnesium is also added as a bacteria stimulator. Muck Pucks are available in a user-friendly, pull top pail. Each pail weighs 7 lbs. and contains approximately 266 pucks. Reapplication is suggested every 2-3 weeks when water temps are above 55 F.



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