Kasco Marine Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration + Remote Manifold Systems



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When available power is far from the pond, a remote manifold system is the answer.

Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration  – Remote Manifold Systems by Kasco Marine.

When available power is far from the pond, a remote manifold system is the answer.  The Roust-Aire Aeration Systems can be operated many hundreds of yards from the pond’s edge using 1″ irrigation pipe (or 1″ PVC) to transfer the air from the pump cabinet to the manifold located near the waterline.

Weighted airline is expensive, why waste it buried in the ground.

Deep water diffused aeration systems for your  lake and pond.  Diffused aeration is the single best tool for freshwater management.  Adequate aeration provides a multitude of benefits.

  • De-stratification: the total mixing of the water column turns in atmospheric oxygen while pulling oxygen depleted waters to the surface to release noxious gases to the atmosphere.
  • Delivering dissolved  oxygen to bottom sediments:  When bottom sediments are in the presence of abundant dissolved oxygen the entire ecosystem works better.  Organic material breaks down faster and nutrients move up the food chain more efficiently.
  • Increase the carrying capacity of your pond:  Increased oxygen levels will allow your pond to carry more fish.  THREE TIMES MORE FISH!
  • Decreased maintenance costs: The benefits to the ecosystem brought by the aerator decreases the presence and severity of nuisance algae blooms.

The Robust-Aire systems are a quiet, efficient workhorse for your aquatic environment.

Weighted, SureSink airline ensures the diffusers stay down on the bottom and the custom designed diffusers deliver excellent oxygen exchange and water lift by breaking down the airflow into billions of tiny bubbles.

The Robust-Aire Aeration systems use rocking piston air compressors to reliably deliver consistent air flow and volume to each diffuser in your system.

Contractor/wholesale prices are available upon request.

Please inquire for custom airline lengths or to discuss which system is right for your situation.

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