Scott Aerator Amherst Decorative Water Fountain 3HP 230 Volt



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Scott Aerator: 3HP Amherst Decorative Fountain | 230V | Optional Light Kit | 5 – Year Warranty | Large Pond Fountain | Lake Fountain | 3HP Floating Fountain

The newest creation from Scott is here! The Amherst Fountain is a beautiful pattern shooting water over 30ft high in a graceful three tiered pattern which will definitely be the envy of the neighborhood.

Check this out!

This powerful 3HP unit, 230 Volt water fountain forms three distinct levels culminating in a geyser topping out at over 30 feet high.  This unit features a flow rate of  170 gallons per minute which also helps contribute to a healthy ecosystem. The constant mixing of water oxygenates your pond, leading to less nuisance algae and a generally better looking pond.

The Amherst Fountain is made from corrosion resistant stainless steel and features an oil-free motor, making Scott Aerator one the most environmentally friendly fountain motors on the market. All Scott products are manufactured and assembled in the United States and sport an industry best 5-year motor warranty.

3HP Amherst Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Designed/built in the USA
  • Minimum operating depth – 60in
  • 230V | 3HP | 14Amps
  • Leave in year round – DO NOT remove for winter ice season

These units are also available with lights. Half of the enjoyment gained from owning a fountain is through night-time enjoyment.  Lighting up these units opens up a whole different level of robust spectacle.  Adding a set of White or Color-Changing LED lights is a must for any fountain project.  Light sets are modular, so you can add them to your fountain at any time, or order them with the purchase of your fountain.

This fountain is the best display Scott has come up with yet, and we here at give it our highest recommendation.


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