Scott Aerator 230 Volt Aquasweep Muck Blaster Dock Mount



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Scott Aerator 230 Volt Aquasweep Muck Blaster/Water Mover Dock Mount

The muck blaster/water mover has made and improved for over 20years by Scott Aerator an American made company! Comes in either 115 volt or 230 volt models. 115 volt model with run on regular household current.

Dramatically improve your pond water quality while safely removing sediment buildup and floating algae without using chemicals that can be harmful to child, pets, wildlife and fish.  Aquasweep dock mount models keeps your waterfront, dock or canal clean from floating algae, trash and decaying debris and since it is fully adjustable it can force organic muck, silt, and decaying organic material like leaves off the bottom!  The Aquasweep conveniently pushes sediments 50 feet away. Extend the range of your muck blaster by adding the optional Oscillator. Designed for both fresh and salt water, the Aquasweep fully adjusts in any direction. plus now we offer a oscillator add on that can rotate your Aquasweep at 20-degree increments every 20 minutes

No dock to mount to?  Add the optional free standing pole or order our floating model.

The Aquasweep is oil free means no chance of oil leaks to harm your beach or the environment.

  • Runs at 3,450 rpms moving 400 gallons per minute doubling the movement of water claimed my other manufacturers.
  • Manufactured in USA using American made stainless steel, even the motor and optional Oscillator.
  • Un-conditional 5 year motor warranty.

Made with a stainless-steel mounting plate, stainless pole and yoke which is designed to reach depths up to 7 feet. Comes with heavy duty 12 gauge submersible electrical cable that is capped with a Hubbell marine grounded electrical plug. No special wiring or electrician required for installation.

  • Runs at 3,450 rpm of power by using a heavy -duty, fully submersible Franklin Electric motor
  • Available in both 115 and 230 volt styles.
  • Choice of cord lengths-  50 (standard), 75 , 100 & 125  feet of cord
  • Choice of motor size
    • 1/3 HP 115V
    • 1/2 HP 115V
    • 1/2 HP 230V
    • 3/4 HP 230V ,115V
    • 1 HP 230V, 115V

Optional Oscillator 360

STARTING AT: $799.00

Our fully programmable oscillator attachment is a great time-saving option for our dock-mounted Aquasweep or De-icer. We pre-program the Oscillator to rotate your dock-mounted unit in 20-degree increments every 20 minutes. You set it for any radius you want, up to a full circle. The speed and the degree of motion can easily be adjusted to your requirements. The Oscillator will help keep larger areas free from ice when used with the Dock Mount De-Icer, and will assist in moving more bottom debris when used with the Aquasweep. The Oscillator can be added to in-place Aquasweep and De-Icer models. Comes with a two-year warranty. Requires 110-volt power.

When you’re ready to unlock the potential of your AquweepaSor De-icer, add our Oscillator unit!



Floating Aquasweep Muck Blaster