Scott Aerator Aquasweep with Oscillator with Dock Truss Mount 115 Volt



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The Scott Aerator Aquasweep with Oscillator now features a dock truss mounting option allowing you to mount the Aquasweep to the metal dock trusses that are the support structure for your dock or pier!  Perfect for those with a metal dock or pier who do not wish to drill holes into the walking surface of the dock.  You will get the same great performance, long life and durability of the very popular dock plate mount without the down side of drilling into your dock or pier.  The Aquasweep with dock truss mount features the Scott Aerator Oscillator attachment for those who wish to automate the performance of the world famous Scott Aerator Aquasweep.



  • THE ANSWER to waterfront problems with floating weeds/leaves/trash, stagnant water, and stinky organic soft-sediment ( muck ). Effectively remove silt and soft sediment buildup from around your dock, pier, marina, lagoon, canal.
  • 1/2HP Aquasweep will at least a 40 foot diameter area around your dock, the 3/4hp model will clean out at least a 60 foot diameter and the powerful 1hp Aquasweep will scour out at least a 75 foot diameter area of all muck, weeds or debris. Never rake again! Keeps floating weed/algae debris from accumulating all while aerating the local aquatic environment.
  • Rugged and durable, the Aquasweep Muck Blaster was designed and built in the USA for the issues we see on water-bodies all over the continent. Oil-free water cooled environmentally friendly motor, no oil leaks! Scott Aerator stands behind their product with an UNCONDITIONAL 5 YEAR WARRANTY!
  • Designed for both fresh and salt water, the Aquasweep fully adjusts in any direction, making it the ideal solution for eliminating decaying bottom muck and floating surface debris. pond muck removal is easy with the Aquasweep. This lake blower comes complete with a dock post mounting bracket designed to attach to a pole or post, along with a stainless steel yoke assembly that reaches a depth of 7 feet.
  • Added oxygenation allows for bacteria treatments (and native strains) to be more effective, actively reducing the organic material in and around your shoreline. Make your Aquasweep even more effective by stirring up the settled goo further from the unit and allow the current to carry it away.
  • Also functions as a deicer. Never remove your dock again. Constant agitation produced by the Aquasweep keeps a 50+ foot wide hole open in the ice. The 1/2HP unit pushes 400 gallon per minute! Keep your marina or community dock clear from debris in the summer and ice free in the winter.



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