Scott Aerator Co. Gusher Fountain

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Creates an exciting, geyser type vertical column of water in a highly visible, wind-resistant dense pattern.


Scott Aerator’s Gusher fountains are powerful foaming geysers. These impressive fountains reach impressive heights all while turning in valuable oxygen to help your aquatic ecosystem. Adding oxygen to your water is vital for longterm pond ownership; the “Gusher” promotes a healthy aquatic environment while facilitating the natural breakdown of decaying vegetation (muck). The rapid water movement generated by the “Gusher” provides beauty to your environment while simultaneously assisting to prevent mosquito breeding. The rugged design and stainless steel construction of this water feature insures that the “Gusher” will provide years of enjoyment, both in fresh and salt water applications.

Like all Scott Products, no need to remove these fountains for the winter, simply unhook the units from power and wait for spring.

constructed and assembled in the US, Scott Aerator’s Gusher uses a stainless steel, oil-free, submersible motor, making it the most environmentally friendly style of fountain on the market. These units have the best warranty in the industry –  unconditional, 5-year motor warranty.

The Gusher is can be installed in fresh or salt water.

This unit comes standard with 70 feet of 12-gauge, submersible cable. Longer cord lengths are available in the options.

Enjoy your fountain all day, and night by adding Scott Aerator Light Sets or even better Scott Aerator Nite Glo LED Light Sets.

Specifications .5HP Model

  • 115 Volt .5 HP Oil Free Motor (230 volt available)
  • 50 Gallons of Water Per Minute
  • Center Stream is 15 Feet High, flare out to 6″ wide at the top
  • Cable Provided is 70 ft in Length, 12 Gauge Submersible – Cable May Be Ordered In Greater Lengths
  • Light Kits Can Be Added Later Not Included
  • Salt Water Approved
  • Not Included: 2 anchors to stabilize unit, or rope/cabling to secure from shoreline
  • Designed for 24 Hour per Day Operation
  • No Maintenance Required
  • 42” Minimum Pond Depth Required
  • Motor Specs: 60 HZ, Single Phase, 10 Amps, 30 Volt version also available
  • 5 Year Motor Warranty

Specifications 1HP 230V Model

  • New for 2019 – 230V performance specs will be added shortly
  • Cable lengths starting at 70ft ranging to 300ft
  • 42in minimum pond depth required
  • Good in both fresh and salt water environments
  • 24hr operation, or set to a timer
  • No winterization or maintenance
  • 5 year Motor Warranty

Specifications 1.5 HP 230Volt Model

  • 230-volt, 1½ HP, oil-free motor.
  • 90 gallons of water per minute.
  • Center stream is up to 30 feet high.
  • Standard cable provided – 100 ft, 12-gauge submersible.
  • Electric cable may be ordered in greater lengths.
  • Light kits can be added later.
  • Approved for salt water use.
  • Two 20-pound weights or concrete blocks (not included) required for anchoring.
  • Two nylon ropes required for anchoring (not included).
  • Designed for 24-hour-per-day operation.
  • No maintenance required.
  • 42” minimum pond depth required.
  • Motor specs: 60 Hz, single phase, 10.6 amps, 1780 watts.
  • 5-year motor warranty.


Installing a LED lighting Kit on your fountain is the best option to maximize your enjoyment and impress the neighbors.  The lighting transformer has a built in photo eye that automatically activates the lights at dusk, and a timer than runs for 4, 6, or 8 hours before shutting down for the evening. These 2, 3 and 4 light sets install in minutes to your new or existing fountain. The light kits are constructed using stainless-steel fixtures and brackets. Long-lasting, energy efficient and simple to use, these LED lights will create a stunning focal point to your outdoor paradise.

2, 3 or 4 light sets include:

  • -Stainless steel lights and arm brackets
  • -Bolts, Nuts, Washers and Lock Nuts
  • -Power cables
  • -All-weather transformer
  • -Durable exterior grade power supply
  • -12 Volt Lights and Stainless Steel Arms
  • -9 Watts Per Fixture
  • -1230 Lumens
  • -2800K Warm White -or – Red-Green-Blue Color Changing

Transformer is fully weatherproof, but must remain on shore and can be simply hung on a screw attached to a  post or wall at the power source.

UPC# 655003856521

LED Commercial Grade Two or Four Light Set

Scott Aerator provides for us the in-demand LED lighting line. Choose from two- or four-fixture kits that install in minutes to your new or existing fountain. These commercial grade, energy-efficient, long- lasting and simple-to-use LEDs add a beautiful nighttime focal point to your pond/fountain project…and may make the neighbors green with envy.

Lights are 10 watts per fixture. Set operates on standard 110-volt power and includes:

  • Stainless steel arm brackets
  • Power cables
  • Submersible transformer
  • Durable, exterior-grade power supply
  • Colored lenses (optional)
  • 365 lumens