Scott Aerator Great Lakes Decorative Water Fountain 5 Patterns with 100 foot cord - 115V



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Add a spectacular focal point to your outdoor paradise while improving the health of your pond. The Scott Aerator Great Lakes fountain features five individually distinct brass nozzles that each have their own unique display pattern and come included with the Great Lakes fountain. Each nozzle can be easily exchanged with one another in minutes without any tools.  Add a Scott Aerator Warm While LED light kit or a Color Changing LED light kit to really set your backyard off in the evening!

  • 115V unit  (230V Units also available)
  • Rugged construction for years of reliable use
  • Designed to by left in your pond year round – Ice Proof.





  • Features a 3/4hp or 1hp American built stainless steel oil free submersible electrical motor that is the most environmentally friendly fountain motor on the market.
  • Five different distinct nozzles in the package include the Gusher, Rosewood, Baystone, Milbrook and the Tudor.
  • Gusher pattern is an adjustable vertical column up to 35 foot high.
  • Rosewood offer a multi-tiered elegant spray patter up to 30 foot tall and 40 foot wide.
  • Baystone features a center peak/geyser with an outer spray pattern up to 14 foot tall and 30 foot wide
  • Milbrook produces a classic fluted vertical pattern that is up to 15 foot tall and 30 foot wide.
  • Tudor’s wide conical pattern reaches up to 12 foot tall and 40 foot wide.
  • Does not need to be removed from the water in the winter.
  • Features an industry leading 5 year warranty!
  • Like all Scott Aerator products, the Great Lakes Decorative Water Fountain is made in the USA.


The Great Lakes Decorative Water Fountain features the following technical specs:

  • Available in either 115 volt or 230 volt power
  • 65 (3/4hp) or 75 (1hp) gallons per minute flow rate
  • Electric cable is either 12 gauge (3/4hp) or 10 gauge (1hp), UV safe and rated for outdoor use
  • Designed for fresh or saltwater use
  • Designed for 24 hour per day operation
  • 3/4hp motor draws 10.7 amps at 115 volts and 875 watts at 3450 RPM
  • 1hp motor draws 11.5 amps at 115 volts and 1,094 watts at 3450 RPM
  • Available with longer power cords, larger motor sizes and 3 phase motors.
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