Scott Aerator Thermostat Temperature Controller 115 volt for Deicers, Dock Bubblers & Dock De Icers #20042


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Save on your electric bill with a Scott Aerator Thermostat Controller for your Deicer!

Introducing the Scott Aerator deicer in-line thermostat. Its outdoor, heavy-duty control box lets you “set and forget” your dock deicer to run when temperatures turn frigid. Factory-set for an outside air temperature of 30°F, the thermostat automatically starts your de icer and keeps it running until the air temp warms to 31°F or higher. Fully adjustable from 0° to 80°F, this product is UL-listed.

An impact-resistant enclosure and 8-foot power cord both come standard. Simply plug the thermostat into your GFI-protected outlet, and then plug your pond bubbler directly into the thermostat. It’s that easy!

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