Keeton Industries Solaer® Subsurface Aeration System w/ Battery Backup



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The Keeton Industries Solaer® series of solar powered lake bed aeration systems are the ideal choice for remote ponds and lakes where power is not available or solar is preferred.

The patented Solear® solar aeration systems come complete with a high efficiency solar panel, charge controller, battery back-up for running during nighttime hours, EcoFlow™ energy efficient compressor, high volume cooling fans, programmable digital timer and an adjustable aluminum manifold housed in an attractive, sound deadening cabinet.

Solaer’s powerful EcoFlow™ compressor delivers a strong payload of compressed air to our self-cleaning, never-clog Duraplate™ diffusers that keep your pond or lake clean and healthy throughout every season.

Features & Benefits:

  • Aerates Ponds Up To 1 Acre
  • Average 20 Hours Of Run Time Day And Night
  • Durable, Sound-Deadening Cabinet (20”W x 24”L x 27” T)
  • Cabinet Includes, 1” ASTM Certified Acoustical Foam
  • EcoFlow™ 24V Compressor
  • Programmable Digital Timer
  • Robust 24V High Efficiency Solar Panel Designed For Harsh Environments
  • 37 CFM Cooling Fan
  • Two Valve, Brushed Aluminum, Adjustable Manifold
  • Rugged, Long-Life Batteries

Usage Information

  • Install in full sunlight away from shade.
  • Customer to furnish a single 2.5″ sch 40 steel pipe 8-10 feet length for mounting solar panels and 2 backs of Quikrete.
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