US SOLAR MOUNTS Solar Powered Diffused Aeration Kit | 2 - Diffuser Aeration System


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    • The fist direct drive solar powered diffused aeration system on the market!
    • No expensive batteries to maintain and replace.
    • Perfect for private ponds, retention ponds, wildlife ponds, canals and lagoons, or commercial ponds.  Gain the benefits of aeration without paying for the electricity needed to run the system.
    • 2 – diffuser (DB36) Diffuser system is sized for ponds 1 to 2 acres in size.  This system works best at depths greater than 6ft.
    • This system runs completely independent of the power grid.
    • Raise fish for food and recreation with no worry of loss of function due to lack of available electricity.
    • All design, parts and manufacturing proudly completed in America.
  • 2-year Motor Warranty | 5-year warranty on all other components.
  • COPRESSOR pumps  up to 3CFM = EXCELLENT performance during good conditions.
  • SLA-SD2-PM Includes:
    • Compressor & Enclosure
    • 1 x Solar panel and mounting hardware
    • Post Mount Enclosure
    • 2x Premium Diffuser
    • 2x 100ft Roll — Sinking Air Hose
    • Hose Fittings
  • Customer must provide:
    • Concrete for footing (or pad)
    • 3″ (3.5″ OD) SCH40/SCH80 steel mounting pole.

If you find need additional Diffusers or your pond calls for more airline please give us a call or find them here on Solar powered pond fountains are also available. Solar powered pond aerator pump and hardware is built to last!

This solar pond pump is great for the remote fish pond or areas with NO access to regular AC (115V) power.

This pond aeration systems is designed to perform under any daytime lighting condition. The variable speed motor ensures that any sunlight will startup the solar pond pump and give you pond the diffused oxygen it needs to be productive.  Runs with as little as 6% Sunlight=Cloudy days does not bother the SD-2

  • Want to add a second solar panel?   A 2nd module added a to SD-2 system is a good idea for systems that must operate during periods of very low light and/or possible snow cover. The second panel will not affect operation on sunny days, but it will greatly extend the run time during times of dense clouds and low light.  Adding a 2nd panel will allow an SD-2 aerator to run very well during very dark, overcast conditions – even during rain or snowfall.

POND AERATION is the fundamental unit of management for any small waterbody.  There is no more important investment you can make for your pond than installing an aerator.


  • TRIPLES your carrying capacity of fish
  • Reduces (or eliminates) noxious odors
  • Reduces nuisance insects
  • Reduces nuisance/dangerous algae blooms
  • Promotes microbial growth – reducing Organic Sediment (muck)
  • Gain depth in your pond while improving habitat
  • SUPERCHARGE your ecosystem to grow more fish, ensure excellent water quality
  • Eliminate the risk of winterkill

GRID TIE-IN SYSTEMS AVAILABLE: Want to run 24hrs per day? Connect your system to normal 115V power to run at night. Please contact us for more information.

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