Kasco Marine Water Circulators



Product Description

Kasco Marine Circulators are the answer to many challenges in the aquatic environment.  The constant current these units provide vitalize stagnant lakes and ponds and provide second-to-none mixing for liquid industrial applications.

During the winter months, Kasco Circulators keep a hole open in the ice to keep your fish alive in low oxygen lakes/ponds where winter kill is common.

Paired with a Scott Aerator Oscillator, these units can clear out lakeshores, canals, lagoons, and any areas that have accumulated organic soft sediment (muck, silt, goo).

These units are solidly built to handle just about any environment be it natural or industrial.

Available in 115 or 230V, and 1/2hp –  1hp models.

2 year warranty

CF models come with the horizontal float

CUD models come with the universal dock mount

Contractor/Wholesale rates are available through our business to business network.  Please inquire for details!


Additional information


240V, 120V


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Mounting Option

Dock Mount, Float Mount