Aquascape AquaBasins 78223 76004 78224


$ 215.98 $ 399.98


Aquascape AquaBasins are designed for disappearing water features. The water capacity and pump access panels makes maintenance easy while the pre-drilled center hole for plumbing makes installation a snap. Made of high- density polyethylene double walled construction gives it strength and weight distribution. The predrilled hole in the center makes it easy to hook up plumbing. The Basins have a recessed area to backfill for stability and positioning decorative pieces. 9"x16" pump access panel for easy maintenance.

Item Size Volume Weight Capacity Basin Dimensions Access Panels  Pump Size Weight Lbs
78224 45 75 gal 1200 lbs 45"x45"x14" 2 Up to 4000 gph 46*
76004 Medium 40 gal 1200 lbs 24"x24"x16" 1 Up to 2000 gph 20
78223 30 40 gal 1200 lbs 30"x30"x10" 1 Up to 2000 gph 50

 *ships via freight truck

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