Aquascape Large Pond Kits 53036-53037

$ 3,351.98 $ 3,949.42


Aquascapes largest pre-packaged pond kit ensures you have all of the right products for the job.  Choice of 2 pumps; AquaSurge Pro 4000-8000 (7,793 GPH) or Tsuruml 9PL pump (6,900 GPH). Pond size 21'x26'.

An Aquascape Large Pond Liner Kit contains everything you need to build pond and best all it saves you money. A pond kit packages components together in a convenient, all-in-one kit that takes the guesswork out of assembling the components separately. This is the most cost-effective way to buy your pond components! Large pond liner kits save you up to 20% when compared to buying all of the pond components separately.

Our Aquascape Kits also ensure that you have everything you need on the job site, making installations more efficient.

  • Pond Size- 21'x26'
  • Signature Series 1000 Skimmer - Removes leaves and debris from the surface of the pond and protects pump from clogging
  • Choice of Pumps - AquaSurge Pro 4000-8000 (7,793 GPH) or Tsuruml 9PL pump (6,900 GPH) Both arehHigh volume, high efficiency pumps designed for water features
  • Signature Series BioFalls® Filter 6000 with BioBalls - Non-clogging filter provides complete biological filtration and provides a base for building a beautiful, leak-free waterfalls
  • Liner & Underlayment - 25'x30 strong 45-mil EPDM liner (750 sq feet) with a 20 year guarantee and a non-woven geotextile underlayment provide a durable water tight barrier
  • Filter: BioFalls 6000 Filter with BioBalls and Rock Tray
  • Water Treatment Starter Kit #96030
  • Tubing- 2"x50' flexible PVC pipe
  • Pump Check Valve and Installation Kit with all necessary fittings and silicone sealants
  • Food- Staple Fish Food Pellets
  • LED Lighting Package
    • Two - 3-Watt 12V LED Spotlights
    • 1-Watt 12V LED Waterfall Light
    • 60-Watt Transformer w/photocell
    • 3-Way Splitter and 25' LVL Extension Cable
  • Hose: 50 feet of 2" Flexible PVC Pipe
    • Ships by freight truck
    • Weight 481 lb delivery by truck only

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