Atlantic Water Gardens Big Bahama FilterFalls BF1600-BF3800

$ 237.99 $ 755.06


Atlantic's Big Bahama Pro Series FilterFalls have all the attributes that make large-scale professional installation easy and successful. Features include:

  • Heavy-duty removable top grate allows natural rock camouflage
  • Support bars add stability and reinforce top grate
  • Media bag and Bio-Tech media provide max surface area for development of beneficial bacteria
  • Dual Bio-Tech filter mats for exception biological filtration
  • Sturdy bottom grate supports filter media
  • Bulkhead is centered on the back of unit
  • Rolled upper rim provides clean lines and incredible strength. 
  • 2" or 3" heavy-duty FPT bulkhead for high flow rates
  • Bottom chamber will accept bulkhead on all sides while bottom cones reduce surface area for more efficient back flushing
  • One-piece liner flange allows easy, leak-free attachments of FilterFalls to pond liner
  • Solid lip and molded-in inserts ensure a watertight liner attachment every time.
  • Lifetime warrenty
  • BF3800 ships FedEX Oversized
Item Weir Bulkhead Max Flow Dimensions  Weight
BF1600 16 1.5" FPT 3900 gph 21.5"Wx19.5"Lx173/4"H 16
BF1900 19" 2" FPT 4000 gph 28"Wx25"Lx24.5"H 35
BF2600 26" 2" FPT 6000 gph 34.5"Wx25"Lx23"H 50
BF3800 38" 3" FPT 8000 gph 46.5"Wx30"Lx23"H 109*
Ships FedEx Oversize

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