Atlantic Water Gardens Bio-Max Beneficial Bacteria 5BM1/3 - 5BM6

$ 9.99 $ 128.48

Atlantic Water Gardens Bio-Max Beneficial Bacteria removes sludge, leaves, debris and odors. Bio-Max dry formula contains several billion bacteria per gram and 6 added enzymes. Potent bacterial strains, grown on Activated Barley in a patented process, clean and clear ponds, improve dissolved Oxygen and lower nitrate levels that might otherwise feed algae growth. Use along with Bio-Max+ in a weekly maintenance program to keep sludge away and water quality clear.
  • Breaks down dead algae, leave and debris
  • Safe for water plants and domestic animals
  • Improves dissolved oxygen and lowers nitrate levels to reduce algae growth
Item  Size Treats Weight Lbs
5BM1/3 3/4 lb 5300 gal  1 lbs
5BM1 1 lb 16,000 gal 1.5 lbs
5BM6 6 lbs 96,000 gal 7 lbs

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