Atlantic Water Gardens Rain Harvesting Products RHLE-RHPV

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Whether using a small rain barrel or a large in-ground reservoir, Atlantic’s innovative Rain Harvesting components are right for your project. With products like our Clean Rain Ultra Downspout Diverter, Eco-Blox and specially designed Rain Harvesting Pump Vault, we have everything you need to capture, store and re-use rain and storm water, allowing you to help the planet by reducing runoff while saving money on your water bill. Above ground, under pavers or below a waterfall, we have your Rain Harvesting solution.


Rainwater is collected from the gutter downspout and flows into the Clean Rain Ultra Downspout Diverter, which cleans waste, dirt and debris from the water. After the first flush of water is sent to waste, clean water then flows to the Eco-Blox reservoir to be stored for future use.

Attach a Leaf Eater to your downspout to ensure that no debris enters your basin. Easy to install, with a stainless steel mosquito-proof screen and pivoting outlet for either rear or bottom discharge, the Leaf Eater is both simple and effective.

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Item # Description Dimensions



Inlet Outlet




Leaf Eater Advanced

 7 1/2" L x 6 1/2" W x 9 1/2" H 3" Schedule 40 1.5
RHTG Tank Gauge 3 3/4" L x 2 3/4" W x 4 1/2" H 1 1/4" hole for installation 1


55 gal Half Rain Barrel  16"W x 29"D x 44"H 4" pipe (top) / (2) ¾" FIPT (side) ¾" FIPT 27


110 gal Full Rain Ba 32"L x 31"W x 44"H 4" pipe (top) / (2) ¾" FIPT (side) ¾" FIPT 34
RHCRU Clean Rain Ultra Downspout Diverter 8¼"L x 9"W x 31"H 2" x 3" and 3" x 4" downspout - 3" and 4" Sch 40 Garden hose, flex pipe and 3" Sch 40 8
RHDIV12 Submersible Pressure Pump 6"L x 6"W x 19"H 29 gpm 6"L x 6"W x 19"H 25
RHEBS10 External Pressure Pump  18"L x 11"W x 13"H 22 gpm 27
RHPV Pump Vault 20"L x 11"W x 48"H


10' 6500 gph

20' 5000 gph

30' 2000 gph

 (2) 3" FIPT openings

Opening 9 1/2"


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