Atlantic Water Gardens Retail Series Skimmers PS3900-PS4500

$ 179.99 

In addition to housing and hiding the pump, the advanced filtration provided by an Atlantic Skimmer is essential for maintaining a beautiful, healthy water garden. Atlantic Skimmers provide mechanical filtration for outstanding water clarity.
  • Super Flow weir doors for maximum pond surface cleaning
  • Designed to  be easily camouflaged with natural materials and plants
  • Rugged high-density polyethylene shell 
  • Each unit includes removable lid, filter mat, basket and silicone
 Item Face Plate Flow Rate FilterFalls Dimensions Weight Lbs
PS3900 6" 1000-3900 gph BF1600 17.75"x19.5"x19.5" 49
PS4000 6" 2000-3000 gph BF1000/BF1250 17.75"x24"x22" 49
PS4500 9" 2000-4000 gph BF1500 17.75"x24"x22" 49

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