Happy Koi Small Pond Kits HK21-HK23


$ 569.99 


Happy Koi Pond Kits are excellent for the do-it-yourself pond enthusiast.

This complete pond kit offers a convenient, easy and affordable way to achieve a beautiful mini pond. The small Pond Kit includes all the pond supplies you will need and comes with detailed instructions.

  • Atlantic Water Gardens BF1250 Filterfalls
  • Atlantic Water Gardens PS4000 Pond Skimmer
  • Alpine 1,500 GPH Hurricane Pump
  • 15X15' 45 mil. EPDM Pond Liner
  • Pond Liner Underlay
  • 20' x 1.25" Spiral Tubing
  • Check Valve, Fittings and Hose Clamps
  • Water Conditioner and Beneficial Pond Bacteria
  • Black Waterfall Foam
  • Written Instructions 
Item# Pond Kit Size Liner Size Weight
HK21 6'x8' 10'x12' 161 l6
HK22 8'x11' 12'x15 182 lb
HK23 11'x11' 15'x15' 199 lb

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