Little Giant Simply Falls Pump Vault 566410

$ 116.00 


The Little Giant Simply Falls Pump Vault installs easily, just set it below ground level at the lowest point in your waterfall basin. Fill the basin around the Simply Falls Pump Vault with large rocks. Install the pump and Discharge kit, connect the tubing to the Discharge kit and fill the rest of the basin with small gravel. The Simply Falls Pump Vault provides a clear area under the gravel for the pump to set. It also helps prevent large debris from reaching the pump.

  • Vault is rotational molded polyethylene for durability
  • Wall ridges provide added strength
  • Sturdy vault lid allows you to conceal the unit with rocks, gravel, plants, etc.
  • Pre-drilled 3" discharge port takes the hassle out of installation
  • Multiple inlet vents allows unit to collect water at a rapid pace
  • 1 Year Warranty
Material:  Rotational Molded Polyethylene
Discharge Outlet:  3"
Max Flow:  15,000 GPH
Dimensions:  19" Diameter x 25" H
Weight 47 lbs

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