Little Giant Waterfall Weir 566239

$ 79.99 


Little Giant Waterfall Weir is designed mimics the appearance and function of a natural waterfall. Can be used to create a natural disguise with rocks, water plants or other decorative elements. Provides an excellent starting point for disappearing waterfall. Easy to install and clean. Can be run together using one pump to create a multiple waterfall display.

Little Giant Waterfall Weir Features

  • Multiple plumbing ports - versatile installation
  • Build-in drip edge - directs water flow and help prevent back flow
  • Circular, ridged wall design - provides extra strength and in-ground anchoring
  • Includes flexible pipe grommets - for easier installation
  • 2' or 3" slip connection
  • 3 inlet ports. 2 on one side and 1 on alternate side
  • 1 year warranty
Max Pump Flow:  6,000 GPH
Weir Waterfall Opening :  7 3/4"
Inlet:  2" or 3" Slip
Dimensions:  2 1/4" L x 9 3/4" W x 13 3/8" H
Weight 8 lbs

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