Loki Nets Extreme Contractor Pond Net Set- WG-XPCS-8


$ 164.99 

The Extreme Pond Contractor Net Set was designed and manufactured specifically for professional pond contractors. This rugged four-piece set features a 6' x 1' yellow fiberglass handle that uses beefy aluminum connector blocks to attach the net head to the handle. The three heads are fitted with connector blocks and are built on a unique Monorail system which protects the netting while scraping over rough gravel or rock bottoms. These well-engineered nets are constructed to provide a lifetime of heavy use.  Designed for demanding applications where large amounts of leaves, plant debris and trash need to be removed. Contains 1 eight foot 1 1/4" fiberglass handle and two nets (21.5"x23" trash net on 5/8" tubing and a 30" diameter Magnum Koi Net for efficient fish handling and removal.

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