OASE SwimSkim 50040


$ 99.00 

The OASE SwimSkim floating in-pond skimmer is a great addition to any fish pond. The SwimSkim removes debris from the water surface and also injects air into the pond for increased aeration and beneficial bacteria growth.
  • Installed without cutting the pond liner or making modifications to existing systems
  • Includes 800 gph pump
  • Plug and play operation
  • Cleans up to 270 sq. ft. of pond surface
  • Functions as a biological filter and air injector
  • Automatically adjusts to fluctuating water levels  to improve water quality
  • Regular maintenance takes seconds
  • Skimmer basket can be removed with disassembly
  • Removes floating debris from the pond with rigid basket and mechanical filter pad
  • Ideal for providing circulation and aeration to problem areas
  • 1 year warranty


Item Max Flow Watts Dimensions  Weight
50040 800 gph included 40 13"x12"x10" 9 lbs

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