OASE Vitronic 18 UV Clarifier 56455


$ 139.00 

The Vitronic UV 18 Clarifiers attach directly to OASE BioSmart filters (can be mounted directly on the filter housing of BioSmart and BioTec filter models), but also can operate independently as a stand-alone in-line UV clarifier. Uses high quality UVC bulbs that give a constant and effective irradiation capacity with a long service life.  Contains transparent connections and a function display on the bulb button, reliably indicates the bulb function. Quick release for easy bulb change and cleaning of the quartz glass.
  • Includes high quality UVC bulb
  • 100% VDI-certified safety; does not cause eye injury
  • New Direct installation on the BioSmart (only Vitronic 18 - 36 W)
  • Suitable for ponds up to 60 M3
  • Eliminates suspended algae (green water) and reduces harmful bacteria and pathogen levels
  • High quality impact resistant housing
  • Compact design for easy installation- includes extensive range of connection accessories
  • Quick-lock ballast allows easy access to UV lamp and quartz sleeve
  • Includes sight glass for operational monitoring
  • Quick release for easy bulb change and cleaning of glass
  • Can be operated as a stand-alone UV Clarifer
  • Includes fittings and accessories to attach to OASE BioSmart Pond Filters
  • 100% VDE-certified safety; does not cause eye injuries
  • 2 Year Warranty
Dimensions: (L x W x H)  20.5" x 7 3/8" x 5 1/8"
Operating Voltage:  110-120V / 60Hz
Power Consumption  18 Watts
Power Cable Length:  16'
Limited Warranty:  2 Years
UV Power:  18 Watts
Connections (Inlet/Outlet):  1 1/2"
Tubing Connectors:  1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2" 
Maximum Recommended Flow Rate:  3,000 GPH
Max Recommended Operating Pressure:  7 psi
Recommended Filter:  BioSmart 500
Weight 8

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