Poly-Flo Biological Filter Media 970013-970168


$ 79.99 


Poly-Flo's most popular biological coarse density filtration media. The 1 and 1/4" and 2" material is used exclusively in virtually all US manufactured pond skimmers and waterfall units. The open character of this filter media allows for high volumes of water to pass through without clogging while providing optimal surface area to facilitate bacterial colonization.

The correct filter media is integral to promoting a healthy ecosystem for ponds and aquariums. Poly-Flo Biological filter media has been designed to be contain high surface area for beneficial bacterial colonization, resists clogging and channeling, is durable, long lasting and UV resistant. 

Item Color/Description Thickness (inches) Dimensions  Weight Lbs
970162 Cream Mini Roll 1 1/4" 12'x28" 56
970016 Cream Roll 1 1/4" 120'x28" 151 (Freight Truck)
970167 Cream Mini Roll 2" 10'x28" 56
970013 Cream Roll 2" 90'x28" 151 (Freight Truck)
970163 Black Mini Roll 1 1/4" 12'x28" 75
970168 Black Mini Roll 2" 10'x28" 56
970038 Black Roll 2" 90'x28" 151 (Freight Truck)

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