Atlantic Water Gardens Replacement Pond Diffusers


Air Diffusers send very small compressed water bubbles through the water.  This circulates the water and releases pond gases and adds oxygen. This oxygenation and circulation helps the health of fish and balances your pond to a natural healthy state.  Diffusers need an air compressor to operate.

These replacement Air Diffusers from Atlantic Water Gardens have a streamlined body design and stainless steel hardware; the diffuser tubing  circulates water more effectively than other models.

The  diffuser tubing meets proven standards in industrial applications. Extruded EPDM tubing offers tremendous longevity and resistance to fouling.  The smaller bubble size created by these diffusers maximize the surface area covered for efficient gas diffusion and water circulation.

Easy to install on-site on top of sand,  gravel or stones. Order a Fitting Kit if using 1/2″ tubing.



Product Description

Pond Lake Management

Aeration Manual

Replacement Pond Diffusers

  • Designed to create ultra fine bubbles with little back pressure
  • A full flow manifold for even distribution of oxygen into your pond or lake
  • Diffuser base excelerates circulation in the water column
  • Includes ¾” Check Valve, 3/8″ insert fitting and stainless steel strain relief bracket
  • Integrated strain relief of 1/2″ to 3/8″ tubing


Shallow Water Diffuser

  • Flow Rate: 15 – 75 LPM
  • Size:  13½”L x 12”W x 8½”H
  • Warranty- 5 year


Deep Water Diffuser

  • Flow Rate: 25 – 150 LPM
  • Size: 18”L x 16”W x 10.”H
  • Warranty- 5 years

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

None, Shallow Water Diffuser, Deep Water Diffuser

Fitting Kit

None, Fitting Kit for 1/2" Tubing