Pond Boss Algaecide Bactericide CALBAPR128


$ 84.99 


Pond Boss PRO Algaecide/Bactericide is formulated to prevent algae from building up in your water feature. This product is designed to be applied in lakes, ponds, impounded waters, waste water lagoons, reservoirs, livestock watering systems, potable water supplies, sedimentation basins, ornamental water features, or fountains. Pond Boss PRO Algaecide/Bactericide can be properly used in irrigation conveyance systems, irrigation reservoirs, irrigation canals, irrigation ditches, feedlot run-off lagoons, animal waste or confinement pits, and organic sludge pits.

  • One gallon treats up to 1 million gallons of water (3 acre feet)
  • Safe for fish, plants and other lake life when used in accordance with label directions
  • Remains active for extended time to reduce need for re-application
  • Use along shoreline straight from the bottle for best results
  • Self dispersing formulation for complete coverage
  • No special chemical distribution or dispersal equipment needed
  • NSF Certified as safe for use in potable water
  • EPA registered for use in the contiguous 48 US

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