Pond Boss Floating UV Filter with Pump FUVFL


$ 99.99 


Pond Boss Floating UV Filter is an innovative floating filtration system with an amazing LED light set, 3 alternating fountain heads, and a UV clarifier that will keep your water in pristine condition. This filter reduces micro-organisms and bacteria resulting in clean, clear water. The Pond Boss UV Filter will clarify a pond up to 750 gallons, as long as there is no pre-existing algae issue, and about 400 gallons for a pond with a pre-existing algae issue. 

  • Moves pond water with 200 GPH energy efficient pump
  • Clears water with 5 watt UV Clarifer
  • Aerates pond with nozzle spray
  • Illumination of fountain display with 4 built-in LED lights
  • Waterspray up to 3' in height
  • Mechanical and bilogical filtration pads remove pond debris
  • Operates on single power cord
Dimensions:  10" diameter x 10.75" high
Operating Voltage:  110-120V / 60Hz
Power Consumption:  19 Watts
UVC Power:  5 Watts
Power Cable Length:  16'
Limited Warranty:  1 Year
Recommended Pond Size:  Up to 750 Gallons
Pump Size:  200 GPH

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