Pond Boss Nozzle Kits NSFTN-NLFTN


$ 12.99 

Fountain Nozzle Kit  have 3-4 display patterns to choose from; bell, trumpet, and the energetic water spray. This kit includes a telescoping extension tube so you have the flexibility to change the height of your fountain. Use this nozzle kit to aerate and decorate a small pond or container. Now you can move your fountain to almost any part of your water garden! 
  • Small Kit includes one trumpet nozzle, one water bell nozzle, and one water spray nozzle, telescoping extension tubes and one tube connector
  • Large Kit includes one Trumpet nozzle, one Wate rbell nozzle, one Foam Jet Nozzle, one Waterspray nozzle, a diverter valve and a 2 nozzle extension2 (6.5")
  • Small Kit Compatible with PF75, PF140, PF185AS and PF185ASL pumps
  • Large Kit Compatible with PF320, PF420, PF420ASL, PF525, PP225, PP350, PP575, PP800UV pumps
  • Shipping weight 1-2 lbs

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