Pond Boss Water Clarifier CWCPR10-CWCPR128


$ 59.99 


Pond Boss PRO Water Clarifier eliminates unwanted nutrients in lakes and large bodies of water to help rid the water of unwanted debris. This all-natural formula clears water by digesting nutrients through beneficial pro-biotic action and also works to combine suspended particles into larger pieces that drop out of suspension, leaving water looking crystal clear. Pond Boss PRO Water Clarifier is completely safe for fish, plants, and other lake inhabitants.

After water clears, consider using Pond Boss PRO Block Bacteria Bio Maintenance to help dissolve the organics that fall to the bottom. 

  • Treats up to 1 acre-foot of water
  • Clears murky and discolored pond water
  • Keeps phosphate levels in check
  • All natural pro-biotic action
  • Safe for fish, plants, and other lake inhabitants
  • 10 lbs granular treatment

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