Pond Care 5-in-1 Test Sticks 164F


$ 12.99 


The Pond Care 5-in-1 Pond Test Strips use highly accurate color charts for precise and easy to read test results. The liner on the container keeps the strips dry by maintaining product stability, protecting against humidity to ensure efficacy of all test strips and extending the shelf life. No separate test vials needed. With Pond Care 5-in-1 pond test strips, you just dip and read. Pond water testing couldn't be any easier. Contains 25 tests. Weighs .8oz.

Why Test Pond Water? In order for fish to thrive, pond water needs to be tested. Regular testing of water pH, nitrite, nitrate, Carbonate hardness and general hardness is an essential part of routine pond maintenance. Levels should be tested weekly to make sure they do not reach undesirable levels that could stress fish which can lead to illness and death.

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