Pond Care Ammonia Test Kit LR8600


$ 7.99 


Test pond water - don't guess. Early detection means early correction. Pond Care Ammonia Test Kit is a complete kit for testing pond and tap water. Tests for pH, ammonia, nitrite and salt levels.

All pond life is dependent on the quality of the water. Pond fish continually release ammonia into the water through their gill, urine and solid waste. Uneaten food and decaying organic matter also add ammonia to the water. Even small amounts of ammonia stress fish; large amounts will kill fish. Pond Care test kits quickly and accurately evaluate pond water quality so that minor problems can be detected and major problems can be avoided. 

This kit includes two liquid dropper bottles with child-resistant safety caps, easy-to-read instructions with information on how to test and how to correct unsafe water conditions, two color charts and a glass test tube with snap-tight cap.

  • Reads ammonia levels from 0 ppm to 7 ppm
  • Complete kit for testing pond and tap water
  • Tests for pH, ammonia, nitrite and salt levels
  • 75 test strips

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