Scott Aerator Co. Solar Powered DA-20 Display Aerator

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The DA20 display solar aerator is the work horse of the Scott Aerator product line, forcefully moving 300-800 gallons of water per minute in a cascading, trumpet shaped spray pattern.



Our Solar Powered DA-20 Display Aerator makes beautiful fountains exceptionally eco-friendly. Free Shipping! Shipped on freight truck on pallets.

Do you own or manage a pond or lake that is far from power?  Does that pond need aeration or would benefit from a beautiful fountain?  Looking for a environmentally green fountain system? Enter the SOLAR POWERED Surface Display Aerator (DA-20) from Scott Aerator!  This fountain moves up to 300 gallons of water per minute with a inverted funnel pattern measuring about 5 feet tall, and 9 to 20 feet wide. The Best Solar Powered Fountain in the Industry.

Pond aeration is the single best tool for managing waterbodies period.  It is the most cost effective way to reduce algae, improve water quality, reduce muck, and develop and maintain a healthy fishery. endorses all of the products we sell and this is the best solar option option on the market today.

This solar powered display aerator is virtually maintenance free.  Constructed of stainless steel, the submersible motor is oil-free, and results in the most environmentally friendly water aerator on the market.

This fountain runs from dawn to dusk with a variable speed motor which utilizes whatever light is available to operate.  It’s solar array panels will change the operation of the fountain as available sunlight allows, varying the speed of the motor to optimize power input.  This system does not need costly batteries to operate.

All Scott Aerator products do NOT need to be removed from your lake or pond for the winter.  When the Temprature fall below freezing simply unhook the power and wait for spring. All components will withstand sub-zero conditions without damage.

This system comes complete with the DA-20 Display Aerator, four solar panels with the mounting frame, disconnect box, Fhoton™ drive solar inverter, and all required wiring components. Required equipment that is NOT included: pole for mounting the solar panel, concrete for footing to mount the panels, ropes, and weights or tethers.

Proudly manufactured and assembled in the United States, the DA-20 Solar Aerator carries an unconditional, 5-year motor warranty. It comes standard with 70 feet of heavy-duty, submersible power cord. Greater lengths are available up to 150 feet.

The fountain is designed for use in fresh or salt water. The Best 5 Year Motor Warranty!

GFCI required.

UPC# 655003856194

  • 200-volt, ¾-hp, solar-powered motor.
  • 300 gallons-per-minute flow rate.
  • spray pattern measures 5 feet high, up to 20 feet wide.
  • Spray pattern adjusts in width with free, optional disk, as narrow as 9 feet.
  • Each solar panel measures 40″ x 66″.
  • 12-gauge, submersible electric cable provided is 70 feet long, longer lengths available in options.
  • No maintenance required.
  • 5-year unconditional motor warranty.
  • 32″ minimum pond depth required.
  • Motor specs: 60 Hz, three-phase, 3.6 amps, 810 watts.



Proudly made in the USA.

All of our fountains, aerators, de-icers, muck-movers and sub-surface aerators are oil-free and require almost no maintenance.