Scott Aerator 1/2-1HP Water Mover (Aquasweep) and Optional Oscillator 16000-165750


Dock Mounted with optional fully programmable Oscillator attachment.
The original water mover for over 19 years!

Dramatically improve water quality while safely removing sediment buildup and floating algae! The Aquasweep dock mount model can keep your waterfront, dock area or canal clean from algae, trash and decaying debris on the surface, while also being fully adjustable to forcefully blast muck, silt, and decaying leaves off the bottom! The exclusive motorized action of the Aquasweep conveniently pushes sediments 50 feet away. Designed for both fresh and salt water, the Aquasweep fully adjusts in any direction plus now we offer a oscillator option so you have full 360 degree rotation, automatically

The Aquasweep is oil free means no chance of disastrous oil leaks like other competitor models.

  • runs at 3,450 rpms moving 400 gallons per minute compared to the Thruster’s 180 gallons per minute.
  • manufactured using American made stainless steel, even the motor.
  •  come standard with an un-conditional 5 year motor warranty.

The Dock Mount Model of the Aquasweep comes complete with a stainless-steel mounting plate, along with a stainless pole and yoke assembly designed to reach depths up to 7 feet. The Aquasweep is manufactured utilizing a heavy duty 12 gauge submersible electrical cable capped by a rugged Hubbell marine grounded electrical plug. No special wiring or electrician required!

  • The Aquasweep’s 3,450 rpm of power comes from utilizing a heavy -duty, fully submersible Franklin Electric motor
  • available in both 115 and 230 volt styles. The Aquasweep
  • just like every product manufactured by Scott Aerator, carries an un-conditional 5-YEAR motor warranty.
  • choice of cord length  50, 75 , 100 & 125  feet of cord
  • choice of motor size
    • 1/2 HP 115V
    • 1/2 HP 230V
    • 3/4 HP 115V
    • 3/4 HP 230V
    • 1 HP 115V
    • 1 HP 230V

Dock Mount Information



Floating Water Mover



Description Flow




Height Weight Volts Amps Watts
1/3 HP Dock Mount 300 GPM 40 Ft 73″ 40 lbs 115 8 630
1/2 HP Dock Mount 400 GPM 50 Ft 89″ 55 lbs 115 10 680


Motor Rating
















Please Follow Link to Aquasweep Floating Model.

The Aquasweep Floating Model is fully adjustable for various directional flows, and the stainless steel and high density polyurethane construction is both durable and long lasting, even in salt water! The design of the Aquasweep floating model allows for adjustment due to tidal changes or water level variations due to weather conditions. The Floating Aquasweep will not adjust down to the bottom to move muck, it’s designed to create a strong surface current. The dock mounted version is designed for this. 

  • Un-conditional 5-year motor warranty
  • utilizes an environmentally friendly oil-free motor
  • choice of cord length  35, 50, 75 or 100 feet of cord
  • Motor Specs: 60 HZ, Single Phase, 10 Amps, 680 Watts, 230 Volt Available. GFCI required.
  • choice of motor size
    • 1/2 HP 115 Volts
    • 1/2 HP 230 Volts

Please follow link to Float models

Single Phase Motor Specifications

HP Volts S.F  Amps Input Amps Max
1/2 115 1.60 10 12
1/2 230 1.60 5 6

Our Fully Programmable Oscillator attachment makes moving muck even easier.  No need to turn the Aquasweep in it’s mounting; the oscillator does it for you! We pre-program the oscillator to rotate the Aquasweep in 20 degree increments every 20 minutes, you set it for any radius you wish (up to a full circle). Then plug it in and forget about it! The oscillator attachment can be added later, or to an existing Aquasweep too. Also compatible to Scott De-Icer models.



Post Mount Option

For attaching your Aquasweep to a dock post instead of decking.

Product Description

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