Savio Skimmer Filter Stone Covers


Savio Large Skimmer Stone Covers for Savio’s Standard Skimmerfilters (K5001) & Small Skimmer Stone Covesr for Savio’s Compact SkimmerFilter (K5002)



Stone Covers

Savio Skimmer Stone Covers for Savio’s Standard SkimmerFilters (K5001) and Small Stone Cover for Savio’s Compact SkimmerFilter (K5002).  Designed to fit on top of your Savio SkimmerFilters for added protection and in particular used to hide the Skimmer from view increasing the natural look of your pond or waterscape. Theses Skimmer Stones Covers do not need to be glued or grouted in place. Even though the stone covers are  light in weight they will stay in place on top of your SkimmerFilter.  These decorative Skimmer Stone Covers  are light in weight (9-11 lbs) so they are easy to install in contrast to natural stone that can be which can weight ten times more. Skimmer Stone Covers be used inside and outdoors such as in many garden and pond landscapes.  Rated to hold color and shape for years to come.
  • Decorative rock lid for Skimmerfilter
  • Stone-like appearance
  • Large Stone Cover
    • 32″x32″x5
    • Weight 11 lbs
  • Small Stone Cover
    • 24″ x24″x5
    • Weight 9 lbs

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