Savio SkimmerFilter SS0000-SW16000

$ 587.00 


Sturdy multi-functional filtration reduces maintenance, collects debris, and hides unsightly pumps and plumbing. Use the Savio Compact SkimmerFilter to keep your pond free from debris and your water crystal clear. Savio Compact Skimmerfilter is based on the same advanced design as the Skimmer but on a smaller scale. It features innovative technology that provides the most complete filtration available.

  • Provides complete filtration for ponds under 1,000 gallons.
  • Traps large debris for easy removal & pump protection.
  • Removes up to 85% of debris.
  • Supports biological health, provides mechanical filtration and polishes water.
  • Eliminates green water (algae) & improves water quality when operated with optional UVC.

What makes the Savio Skimmer Better

  • Sturdy non-skid cover with security lock nuts.
  • Built in UV ports to house optional UV Clarifiers.
  • Optional external pump connection.
  • Integrated water-stop flange for concrete installations.
  • One-click locking weir allows complete isolation for cleaning & winterization
  • Design & construction guide included
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  • 5 year warranty.

Add Savio UV Clarifier for additional water clarity and biological control of algae.

 Item Weir Faceplace Flow Rate Dimensions Pump Area Weight lbs
SS000/SSW6000 6" 500-2500 gph 24"Wx28"Lx20"H 7"Wx13"Lx18"H 44
SS000/SSW8500 8.5" 1800-5000 gph 24"Wx28"Lx20"H 7"Wx13"Lx18"H 44
SS000/SSW16000 16" 5000-8500 gph 24"Wx28"Lx20"H 7"Wx13"Lx18"H 44


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  1. Non-skid Cover: Sturdy injection molded lid
  2. Optional UVinex: The most effective way of eliminating green water
  3. Rugged Leaf Basket: Stays secure, won't collapse
  4. Bio-Filter Media: Provides more surface area for beneficial bacteria
  5. Pump Chamber: Space for two medium size pumps or one large cast iron pump
  6. Rugged Housing: Durable injection molded housing retains its structure when buried
  7. Water Stop Flange: Use for concrete or liner ponds
  8. Mechanical Seal: All-compression faceplate seal outperforms silicone connections

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