Tsunami Clean Out Trash Pump and Accessories HS2.4S - 2X50HOSE


$ 59.00 

Tsurumi Pumps are world renown for dependability, performance and value. Their semi-vortex design enables them to efficiently and effectively handle solids. Silicon carbide mechanical seals outwear all other materials by a wide margin. Built-in thermal protection prevents motor failure from over-amperage overheating and running dry. 

Manual Electric Submersible Pumps are durable trash pumps. 1/2HP & 2-inch discharge. Designed to pump sand, solids and debris with minimal wear and clogging. 
  • Built-in shaft mounted agitator suspends solids.
  • Semi-vortex urethane rubber impeller with agitator suspends solids and allows for pumping of sand and stringy material.
  • Double inside mechanical seals with silicon carbide faces running in an oil filled chamber provide for one the most durable seal designs available.
  • Oil Lifter provides lubrication of the seal faces. (Patented)
  • V-Ring Seal design protects mechanical seal from abrasive particles.
  • Built in thermal protection prevents motor failure due to overloading, accidental run-dry and single phasing in three phase units.
  • Motor Output (HP): 1/2
  • Phase: Single
  • Discharge Bore: 2"
  • Cable Length: 20 ft.
  • Dimension (Dia x H): 10-1/16 x 12-15/16"
  • Continuous Running Water Level: 3.5"
  • Pump Weight: 30 lbs

Residue Kit allows pumping of residual water down to 0.5 inches.

50 Foot hose availiable

Suitable Applications: 
Residential, commercial, industrial waste-water and site drainage.
Decorative waterfalls and fountains
Raw water supply from lakes and rivers
Sediment removal from small sumps or basins
Pond clean-out

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