Easy Pro -- Pressurized Bead Filter | Mechanical and Biological Filtration for Watergardens and Koi Ponds (PBF1800, PBF3600, PBF6000, PBF10000)



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Filter Features:

  • Six position control valve
  • Heavy duty construction – polyethylene filter tank
  • Clear viewing reticle to monitor cleaning cycle
  • Simple to set up – Excellent filters for most fish ponds and displays
  • Fittings included for hookup to your plumbing
  • 3 – Year Warranty
  • Specialized Ultimate Tube Media for greater surface area and better filtration

Bead filters from EasyPro Pond Products are a great solution for the unique challenges routinely seen in koi ponds (and other watergardens).  Green water, high organics, high fish load, and cloudy water can all be cleared up with use of a quality bead filter.

These large filters take in water that is pumped from your pond and forces it through a filtering tank filled will Tube Media with houses bacteria and physically scrubs particle out of the water.  The water then returns to the pond through your waterfall.

The combined biological and mechanical filtration pulls out organic nutrients from the water and filters out any suspended particles.

Higher capacity and more durable than in ground pressure filters, EasyPro bead filters are the professional grade tool you need to balance your pond ecosystem and limit costly water treatments and time consuming clean outs.

The 6-way valve allows for easy periodic backwashing to clean the filter media.  We recommend back washing and flushing these filters once a week for best results.



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