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Scott Aerator has a variety of aeration systems and Lake fountains include:

Upgrade and enhance your pond ecosystem and aesthetic with a pond fountain from Scott Aera...
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Upgrade and enhance your pond ecosystem and aesthetic with a pond fountain from Scott Aerator Co. Floating pond aerators achieve industry-leading - large, beautiful patterns while delivering excellent pond aeration. Interested in pond aeration? There is no better Aerating fountain out there than the Scott DA-20 Display Aerator. Designed and built in the USA, Scott Aerator makes the most durable lake fountains and aerators on the market. 

Scott fountains and floating aeration feature: 

  • 5 – year motor warranty
  • Stainless Steel Construction for use in Fresh or Marine Waterbodies.
  • Crush-Proof float – Leave Your Fountain in Your Pond Year-Round
  • Simple, Fast Install and Operation

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Scott Aerator

Scott's aeration systems are designed to increase oxygen levels in the water, helping to maintain a healthy fish population and reduce the amount of algae that can be harmful to your aquatic environment. Scott Aerator's aerating fountains and accessories help to both beautify and aerate your water, and Scott Aerator's water circulator, the Aquasweep, will keep your waterfront or dock clear of muck, sludge, and debris.

Scott Aerator Pond Fountains

MidwestPonds.com is a proud partner of Scott Aerator. We know how important it is to keep your lake or pond healthy. That's why we offer a wide range of Scott Aerator products to help you maintain a healthy and vibrant aquatic environment. Scott Aerator's products are designed to effectively reduce algae, improve water clarity, and keep your aquatic environment healthy and balanced.

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